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Warm Welcome at Grosvenor Road Studios web version.png

Every Wednesdsay, 10am - 12pm

Grosvenor Road Studios are opening the doors to local communities, offering everyone a free, warm, welcoming and friendly space each week. 

Warm Welcome spaces are vibrant local groups bringing people together and strengthening community ties. They provide free, safe, comfortable and welcoming places where people can come together to take part in activities, access services, get practical advice and support, as well as meet members of their community.

Warm Welcome is not just for winter, Grosvenor Road Studios' Warm Welcome is available to use and visit all year-round.

At Grosvenor Road Studios, Warm Welcome includes:

  • opportunities to participate in activities and learn new things

  • a cup of tea or coffee or warm meal

  • a friendly environment to connect with others within the community

  • free internet access and charging points


In addition, Grosvenor Road Studios is partnering with Shelter’s Birmingham Advice Team, to provide support and information on:

  • Dealing with Disrepair

  • Tenancy Rights

  • Your rights in Temporary Accommodation

  • Applying for Social Housing


The vision of the Warm Welcome campaign is to create a fairer and friendlier society, built by local communities, so everyone can thrive and knows where to turn to for warmth, welcome, friendship and support.

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